A Finger Of Fudge


When I was a lad I used to buy a packet of crisps and a Cadbury fudge for 10 pence. I liked the fudge for its colourful wrapper and after five decades it’s still the same. In appreciation of it here’s an abstract painting using the same colours.


The pattern in painting is spells “ch”. Where did this come from? I attended an all-boys schools and I can’t remember many boys bothering with girls until the final year. They were these aliens on the bus to and from school - some plain, some bonny but something we didn’t understand. I can’t recall many lads having much luck with girls. I can remember Lee (James) Bond cupped a girl’s globes at Ashton bus station, Draper said he’d had his nuts drained and Carl Leek socialised with some very attractive girls (but he wanted to be a hairdresser.) Two lads were suspiciously gay - Chuds minced when he walked and Taylor had a semi-flopper of a chopper in the showers after the games lessons.


It was known that Colin Heron (the CH” in the painting) had a steady girlfriend (it was true I saw him walk passed out house with her, hand in hand.) It went round school that he’d given her a finger of fudge. I remember thinking it was a nice thing to do; nobody’s bought me a finger of fudge with their spending money. Anyway, here is a small simple acrylic painting based on the wrapper’s colours. I did it in about an hour. It can be on your wall within twenty four hours for £8680.


Once a year I walk up to Stoodley Pike near Todmorden and there’s a stone which always reminds me of a finger of fudge for some reason.  I have attached photos of it.


Links to the famous “a finger of fudge” television advertisements are here…