A Slice Of Chocolate Cake


I prefer cake to biscuits. Carrot cake or Victoria sponge cake are in joint second place but my favourite is walnut cake. If I was going to be shot tomorrow and asked what I'd like for my last meal I'd chose a gallon of frothy coffee and walnut cake about the size of a footstool. I love a slice of chocolate cake too and rather than eat one and have to jog off 200 calories I thought I'd paint one instead. Here it is in oil paints.


I bought an A4 frame, pulled the board out of it and painted on that. Smearing on the lairs of chocolate with a tiny trowel make me feel hungry. After adding a few crumbs, a bit of shadow and a suggestion of light it was finished. I'm hoping you may find 14,684 under your bed and use it to by this. Postage will be an extra 3.60 (the frame is free.)