Abstract Painting (copy)


I was watching a documentary about the bohemian Bloomsbury Set who were a famous group writers, philosophers and artists in the first half of the 20th Century. Their name came from the Bloomsbury area in London where they worked or studied during the first half of the 20th century.


One member was Vanessa Bell and as the camera panned across the wall of her country house one of her paintings appeared. I liked it immediately - so much that later I paused the screen, chopped out the painting, printed it and did my own version. It only took just over an hour.


The original was painted in London around 1914 and the estate of Vanessa Bell bought it in 1974 (not how much for but they can by mine as a backup for £30,000.)


Why isn’t there a Bloomsbury Set nowadays? Why can’t I meet arty-minded people instead of the kind of people I bump into - like Gary who works on a lathe machine in Salford, is divorced twice with four children, has a touch a psoriasis and likes tinkering with his 1978 moped at the weekends?



Coming together quickly…



Vanessa Bells’ version…and mine…



The Bloomsbury Set….why can’t I meet folk like this?