On my hard disk Iíve got a directory containing a few videos to energise me. One is Michael Jacksonís last song at a concert in Bucharest in 1992 where the crowd are going a bit potty. The link is hereÖ


The cameras focus on the crowd who are crying, waving and even fainting. As a typical Englishman who holds emotions in check and cringes at strong public displays of emotion, it intrigues me to see peopleís emotions overflowing. If you watch this footage youíll some finding the final song a bit too much for some.


For a moment the camera lands on a woman (about the 7th minute) who Iíve painted. Iím not sure why, I just like studying body language and this was a good example of it. No matter where you go in the world its funny how people clutch their mouth as if to stop emotions flooding out.  I donít know how anyone can feel such heightened adoration but I suppose when youíre an ardent fan, have waited months for the concert and youíre amongst thousands of other disciples watching your god do a final song, your pan of milk might boil over.


I paused the footage at the woman, printed the screen and just painted her. I was going to spend ages getting the face just right then thought no-one knows her so why bother trying to catch her likeness. I ended up just playing with lots of colours and painting a face loosely based on the womanís. As you can see I like using lots of different colours.