Autumn Wallpaper


Through summertime nature's palette is too rich for me. Itís high-resolution multi-coloured gaiety makes me feel a bit giddy. It's too much and there isn't a Contrast dial to turn it down. I prefer autumn when primary colours are dumbed down, skies are moody, shadows are longer and sunsets are lower. Its earthy muted browns, ambers, gingers, magentas, ochres and terracottas seem to match those on a shaded sequestered wall at the back of my mind. I've tried to set them down on a bit of wood.


I had half an hour to fill and thought Iíd do a small abstract painting with an autumnal flavour. Here it is done with a favourite 25p tiny trowel. I daubed paint on like butter and the canvas became suddenly heavier. I find painting oblong boxes therapeutic so this was pleasing to do while watching television. If you walked into one of the silent chambers at the back of my mind and looked above the skirting board you would see these shades on the walls. No lemon yellows, jay blues or post box reds - only autumnal tones.

It was finished quickly however I had to pull it back to darker shades a little. At one point it was becoming too luminous and lively. As Iím a little poor this week I will have to charge £4880 for it. It would have been £48 but I dropped a 50p down Thirty-Stone Thora's cleavage and upon retrieving it her sister (Forty-Stone Flora) broke my nose and I had to pay an expensive private doctor to repair it. I can post this wee painting to you tomorrow morning after my morning press-up. Just drop me a line.