Foo Foo's Palace, Manchester



In the seventies and eighties Foo Foo's Palace in Manchester was famou. Even if you were too young to go you heard about the parties and stags and hens visiting the place on Dale Street in Manchester. Lots of celebrities and footballers frequented the place. It was owned and run (like a Swiss watch) by astute businessman drag-queen/female impersonator Frank "Foo Foo" Lammar. On a rare trips to Manchester in the seventies it was a treat to go up close to the Rolls Royce parked outside the club. I didn't know anyone else who had a Rolls Royce -except the Queen and Lady Penelope.


On a recent trip to Manchester I parked near the Apollo and walked into the city centre. Feeling for a debit card in my pocket I pulled out an old photograph of Dale Street and ensured I walked along it to a "before and after" shot.