George Harrison’s childhood home, 25 Upton Green, Speke


Here I am outside one of the childhood homes of George Harrison. In January 1950 the Harrisons left their tiny home in Arnold Grove for this spacious newly-built council house in Speke. George lived here from ages 7 to 19 by which time he was a recording artist (The Beatles were just taking off and he heard ‘Love Me Do’ while listening to Radio Luxembourg in his bedroom.)


When George’s brother got married in 1958 the reception was held here and The Quarrymen played a few songs.


I arrived there one sunny Saturday morning and found the house looked onto a square surrounded by houses. The weather was clement and lots of kids were sat on doorsteps or playing on the pavements. As it would be difficult to take a photo with people watching I sat in the car and had a coffee and flapjack. Ten minutes later they were still out playing so I took the photos anyway.


In 2014 the house was sold at an auction held at The Cavern in Liverpool to a Beatles fan Jackie Holmes for £156,000.






George in his bedroom…


The Quarrymen played here when George’s brother got married…