IRA bombing location, Manchester (1992)


Here I am in two locations in Manchester where the IRA planted and detonated two relatively small bombs on Thursday 3rd December 1991. They’re close together, a few hundred metres apart.


Bomb 1 exploded at 8:40am. It was inside a car parked behind House Of Fraser by Parsonage Gardens. It wounded six people.


Bomb 2 exploded at 10:05am was on Cateaton Street between a market and Manchester Cathedral. It wounded 58 people. Many buildings suffered damage and flying debris smashed the face of the cathedral clock and its stained glass windows. The cathedral was opened to provided refuge to the hundreds of people who moved out of Deansgate.


After the blasts the IRA contacted the police claiming more devices were in the city, forcing them to evacuate the entire city centre of shoppers (none were found.) The damage was estimated to have been £20 million in today’s money. The next day the IRA claimed responsibility for the bombings.


There're few photographs relating to the bombs on the internet however I found a photos I could use as in the usual "then and now" manner.






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