Jack Higgins's home and death location


I grew up reading Jackís thrillers and was saddened to hear of his death aged 92. After making a fortune he moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands where he died with his family around him. On a visit to the island me and mum went on the "Rich And Famous Tour" bus and stopped for about fifteen short seconds outside his house which is on a hill overlooking St Aubin's bay. The bus moved off too quickly. I was hoping Jack would appear in his dressing gown smoking a cigarette and hoping a bit of sunlight would unblock an idea (he didn't.)

He sold 250 million copies of his thrillers but oddly my favourite one is Memoirs Of a Dancehall Romeo - an autobiographical book about his early romances in the North of England just after heís been demobbed.


His books were unputdownable but sadly Jack (real name Henry Patterson) was and he was putdown (died) here leaving four children and wife Denise. He hadnít written a book for many years so I guessed his creativity or health must have been failing. I read he was unable to hold a pen over the last few years.


I must admit I was expecting to see a larger house in line with the fortune he made from fiction but then again he was a humble unshowy man. In memory of him and all the hours of pleasure he afforded me I'm going to read my favourite of his thrillers The Night Of The Fox which is set on Jersey. Bye Jack.