Kingsman filming location


Have you seen any of the Kingsman films? There are three and they've become a bit of a franchise. As usual with these things the sequels lose potency and are never as good. The first one was called Kingsman : The Secret Service (2014) and it was a fast-moving watchable thriller. The following two were a little far-fetched, too unrealistic and out of proportion compared with the first film. Oh well, I'm sure someone made millions of dollars from them.


A Secret Service member (Colin Firth) runs operations from a tailor's shop on Savile Row in London and here I am out stood outside. It's number 11 and is called Huntsman & Son (they also a branch in New York.) They make bespoke clothes for both genders. If you have cash to burn their website is


While in London I went to have a little look. There was a blue plaque on the wall as a physician called Dr Richard Bright lived there. He was a pioneering researcher into kidney problems. There's a condition called Bright's disease named after him (now called nephritis - inflammation of the kidneys.) As clothes mean little to me it's doubtful I'll ever enter one of the many tailor establishments on this famous row. A friend told me his wife had seen Paul Weller leaving one of these tailors and got an autograph (even though he seemed to be in a bad mood.) I did a salute and left.




From the film...