Margaret Thatcher's former home, Chester Square, London


Whether you loved or loathed Margaret Thatcher politics she made history by becoming Britain's first female prime minster. This battering ram who changed Britain's complexion is still a figure of reverence or revolt. Many Conservative politicians who - when considering how to solve a problem - still ask themselves "What would Mrs Thatcher do?" However Thatcherism still revolts people now so much they look like they've just swallowed a slug when her name is mentioned. Here I am outside her final posh home in Belgravia in central London where she lived here for 22 years after leaving Downing Street. It was for sale in 2016 at 30 million after a developer bought and refurbished it.

As I took some photos a man in an expensive suit walked by, smiled and uttered, "Yes you've got the right one," from a suntanned face. I'm not sure Margaret would favour look of the place now as it's more contemporary than traditional. Does a Russian businessman own it now? Some features still exist - the bombproof front door and the "73" plaque laid into the doorstep. I had a quick look though the window and there seemed to be a long dining table. From here there's apparently an interlinking door to her famous study where Margaret spoke with Ronald Regan on the telephone. The developer couldn't alter the exterior as changes to these Georgian-style stucco houses are subject to strict rules - no red doors or solar-powered lanterns or Harry Potter nameplates.


Margaret was 66 years old when she moved here with husband Denis after resigning from the top job. She might like the Hopton Wood flooring in the entrance hall (the same type used in the Houses of Parliament) but I doubt she'd know what to do with the lower-level "media room", gym or 500-bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar. There's a mews house at the rear with a rooftop terrace.


When Margaret was 78 she lost her devoted Denis to pancreatic cancer and within two years her daughter revealed her mum was suffering from dementia. She moved into a suite at The Ritz Hotel where she died aged 87. Her home here in Belgravia was too large and she was struggling with the stairs (there's now a lift.) The houses look onto a private garden but you have to live in the square to get a key to the gate. As usual I hardly saw a soul. The quiet squares and crescents in Belgravia seemed occupy a hallowed world of their own. I did a salute and left.






margaret house Dining Room


margaret house


margaret house hallway


margaret house


The mews house at the rear...




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The houses look onto a private garden...