Here I am stood outside Mendips, the childhood home of John Lennon (now owned by the National Trust.) Every time I’ve driven up Menlove Avenue there have been cars parked on the busy road outside number 251. This was the first time I’ve visited to find a tour going on inside.


This house belonged to John’s Aunty Mimi and her husband George Smith. John moved in here at age five when his mother was persuaded that it would be better for Mimi to look after him. He lived here from age 5 to 22 years old.


Initially the National Trust didn’t want to buy this house as no Beatles' songs had been composed there but Paul McCartney said at least one song was written there (I'll Get You.) Some negative things are often said about Yoko Ono but she bought this house and gave it free to the National Trust so people could view it forevermore.


There was a retired American couple outside taking photos (they took the photo of me outside the gates.) I asked where they’d come from.

   “All the way from Minnesota,” the man said, “We gat Elvis and Graceland and you gat The Beadles and Jan Lennon. We thought we gotta come and do The Beadles thing before they die or we do, you know.”