Mick and Keith’s former homes


Here I am outside the homes of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (about 40 metres apart) on Cheyne Walk overlooking the River Thames in Chelsea. Before The Rolling Stones gained success they lived nearby in Edith Grove and lived domestically only a level above sewers rats due to a lack of income. By the late sixties money was flushing and in May 1968 they both bought houses here.


Mick bought number 3 for a whopping £50,000 and Keith bought number 48 (amount unknown, former home of the actor John Barrymore). Mick lived here with girlfriend Marianne Faithful (The Chelsea Drugs Squad raided the place) then his wife Bianca. Keith lived with Anita Pallenberg.


The houses which have repelled butchery to apartments now sell for about £25 million.


Many names from history have lived on Cheyne Walk. The link is:-




Some died here: painter J M W Turner (number 119) and novelist George Eliot (number 4.)


Mick has since moved back spending £10 million on a house in 2009 (his neighbours are Lord and Lady Guinness.)