Rex Harrison birth location


The film star Rex Harrison had an enviable life, was knighted, married six times and reached a good age. I can remember my mum watching some of his films - especially My Fair Lady, Doctor Dolittle and The Yellow Rolls Royce. I thought hed been born in London but someone told me he was born in Lancashire. After some digging I found out he was born in a large semi-detached house in Huyton in Merseyside. On the way to Liverpool for the day I just had to find his house and have a quick look. Here I am outside it.


He died of pancreatic cancer at his home in his fine Manhattan home but it all started here at this house. His dad was a cotton-broker and must have done well as this is a largish house. Despite the money Rex had a bout of measles as a lad and lost resulting in near-blinded in one eye. He was educated is Liverpool and his acting career started when he was 16. When he lived in England he had a large country home in Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire (see photos.) The long and glittering career all started here though.






Later on in life he bought this house in Buckinghamshire...