Whites Gentlemanís Club


Here I am outside Whites, the oldest and most exclusive a gentleman's club in St James's Street in London. Prince Charles held his stag night here in 1981 before marrying Diana. Prince William is a member. David Cameron was too but he resigned after a 15-year membership over the club's refusal to allow women members (the only woman female allowed in is the Queen.)


This place would not suit me as the menu revolves around murdered grouse, partridge, wild salmon, gullís eggs, potted shrimps, smoked eel and smoked trout. Thereís a vegetarian option but over a seven-year span only three vegetarian portions have been sold.


Prince Charles didn't enjoy the night as it was leaked to the press and photographers were waiting to pounce on him like panthers on a gazelle. He left shortly after midnight but couldn't get drunk as the next day he and Diana were to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Later Diana revealed they'd had a huge row when he returned home but they painted on fake smiles and nobody at the had a clue. He doesn't look happy in these photos.

Whites is the most revered of Londonís gentlemenís clubs. It was founded as a chocolate shop in 1693 by an Italian called Francesco Bianco. It was a mouthful so he changed his name to Francis White. Whiteís was basically conservative, which means mostly Tory membership. Itís still considered the most prestigious club. Originally it was a gambling hub, with members who frequently played high-stakes card games. Before gambling was legal a man was employed to swallow dice should police suddenly raid the place. Prince William is also a member but Kate doesn't like him visiting (that's what she said when I bumped into her at the an Ann Summer's Pulsating Powder Tool Awards last week.)