William Scoresby (5th October 1789 to 21st March 1857)


William was an Arctic explorer, scientist and clergyman (unusual mix.) Though he made a fortune in the business of whale fisheries he’s known as the man who invented the barrel crow’s nest. Before radar was invented it was wise to have the lookout in as high a place as possible.


I spotted this plaque in August 2014 having parked for free on the outskirts of Whitby town I was walking down to the docks. There’s also a dedicated to Scoresby the docks at Whitby. He lived to the age of 67, pretty good for that era.


I’m not a fan of anyone who hunts whales so I won’t waffle on about him but if you want to know more here’s the link:




I also found his grave up near the abbey ruins.






Not a bad view of the bay William…