I love radio 4 and there's an occasional series called "In Therapy". Client's sessions with a psychotherapist are recorded and broadcast. In one episode a respectable God-fearing client Natalie had been unfaithful to the long-term boyfriend (with an old boyfriend) and was trying to find out why.


The psychotherapist reached the end of the sessions so she could make sense of the befuddlement. Summarising the session she said, "This kind of befuddlement is the bread and butter of therapy. There aren't always neat solutions and not knowing why someone has done something and the upset that it's thrown up is part reaching a deeper understanding of your own motivation, your conflicts and your confusions. So when I say to Natalie let's leave it on befuddlement I'm reasonably optimistic. I'm thinking that there are strands here that if we can get a hold of will give her access into bits of herself that she split of quite a while ago."


I remember that word befuddlement and thought I must use it more. I'd also like to gain access to bits of myself I split off from quite a while ago. Here is a painting of befuddlement.