Belle Drinking Water From Toilet


Iíve looked after my friendís dog called Belle a couple of times. On six daily walks I try to wear her out but Collieís seem have an extra battery and donít tire easily. At night she slept on the end of my bed. I put a dish of water on the landing so she didn't have to venture downstairs for a drink through the night. I found that she passed the clean water and drank from the toilet. Being a little weird I fancied this scene may make an oil painting and here it is.


I first started this about a year ago and put it in my "Pending" pile in the spare bedroom. By the time I found it again a layer of dust had formed on it. I wiped the canvas down and thought I'd better finish it. Anyone can start something can't they but finishing is another thing isn't it? I put a programme on television about Tyson Fury, got out some brushes and cracked on with it. It went well, wasn't tricky (as the low quality tells) and the easiest bit was painting in the collar. I painted the back legs too long and had to shorten them a little.


I've looked after a few dogs and have learnt to wedge open the bathroom door as no matter how bright dogs are they're unable to get a paw on the door and pull it open (cats do.) One dog likes licking water off the shower cubicle, one snores sloppily, one thinks my willy is a chew toy, one does trumps so rancid my Action Man cries.


You could buy this painting and give it to your estate manager to hang in the kennels. It can be yours for £22,846 including postage. I can mail it off tomorrow after I've taken my mammoth neighbour Mr Bleese to the doctors to have his dry crevice greased.


Toilets feature in daily life yet but not in art so I've done a few paintings featuring them. The links are here:-

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