Black Eye On My Wedding Day



A couple of years ago I wrote a short story a few years ago called "Black Eye On My Wedding Day" just for my own pleasure. The title must have stuck in my mind as once this painting got going I was wondering what to paint in those windows. I decided to place the troubled groom there with black eye and bloodied face.

You'll have to make of this story what you can. Has he driven the wedding Rolls Royce to the hotel himself? Is this set in a big house or hotel? Why is another man carrying the bride? Who is that figure on the floor next to the Rolls Royce? (you'll have to zoom in.) In about 40 years when I keel over and someone puts together my short stories and publishes them you might find out. This scene based loosely on the short story.


As you can see I was not sure what to paint in that doorway first it was a bedroom then a staircase then it ended up being a corridor leading to the honeymoon suite. I enjoyed painting that shaft of light from the door and those shoes were easier to paint than I thought. I only put the present on the floor as I like painting shadows