Boat Race


While walking on the beach at Scarborough I was lucky enough to see what looked like two people in a dingy overtaking a tanker. To preserve the moment I took a quick photograph. Years later I was browsing through some photos and found it. Not much detail there, I thought, it would make a painting. Here it is done in acrylics on a board found in a frame from Poundland.


As the scene is mostly sea and sand I used a knife to smear the whole cheap board with paint. I added a few ripples for waves and some white paint to show a few of them crashing. A brush was needed to do the dinghy and tanker. This benign painting has been varnished and could by hang in your bathroom. I'm afraid I'll have to charge 12,424 for it as someone took some photos of me having a nude picnic in a field with my inflatable doll Bouncy Bella - and they're blackmailing me. I can post it off tomorrow after I've had my uvula scraped.