Brighter Later (acrylic on board)


The singer Nick Drake worked in the margins of the music business and when he died he slipped into the cracks of music's pavement of history. Sales of his three albums were commercially abysmal when he died of an overdose at home in a village in Warwickshire aged 26. However over the last forty years an increasing number of fans from all over the world have visited his grave and Far Leys (the family home where he died. Over this time the trickle of album sales royalties have turned into a gushing stream.

The second album Bryter Layter is my probably favourite. It inspired me to do one of my terrible pit-stop abstract paintings - pit-stop as in completed quickly. The album lasts for forty minutes and I gave myself this long to used a trowel to slap a brighter-later sky on the board. It's a cheap board, too - just pulled out of a frame I bought from Poundland


Here it is done in about half an hour (the album had started to repeat itself.) As there's little detail it went well - the rubbish ones usually do. "Don't make it look like a normal sky," I told myself, "Let the viewers brain work to make it a sky that will clear up soon." I painted a blue sky just to get the juices flowing and after used a small trowel to layer in a few colours. When the wind has blown these clouds on I'm sure it will get brighter later.


I put the painting on the windowsill to dry in the sunshine, sprayed it and then clipped it back into the frame from Poundland. It's yours for 5 plus 8,622 postage.