Cat with Lime Green Eyes


Lying in bed one night I was going through the television/radio guide to see if there was anything of interest. As soon as I saw a small photograph of a cat with focussed lime-coloured eyes I thought “I’m going paint that tomorrow.” I knew I’d fall asleep within minutes so I wrote “PAINT” on the page and left the guide on the end of my bed. The next morning I put it on my desk as a reminder and painted it that afternoon. I haven’t painted for months so I wanted to do something simple that I could finish in an hour or two. In the photo I love the concentration in the cat’s eyes (has it spotted a mouse under the couch?) In Scarborough I stroked a cat with one blue eye and one green (see photo.)


It’s only small so it’s your for £8,000….oh go on £8 will do.



Starting off ….watched over by Thora Hird


Alongside the photos in the television guide…





Tickling its chin…chu chu chu chu




In Scarborough I stroke this cat with one blue and eye and one green eye…