Channel 4


Channel 4 often preface many of their programmes with a creatively made ď4" - a crane slowing moving against steelwork to form a huge ď4", shafts of sun pointing through trees to reflect a huge ď4" on a cliff wall (Iím sure youíve seen them.) I thought I'd paint my own. I put a cheese quiche and some chips in the oven and set up the easel in the conservatory as it was such a grand day. With 30 minutes to fill I decided to do a painting in homage to Channel 4. Here it is done quickly on a bit of A4 ply board with a small knife.


I was going to offer it to Channel 4's glossy office reception for £8,000 but Iím in a good mood (the surgeon has finally removed the bullet Iíve had lodged in my ribs since The Falkland Conflict) so it's yours for £4,000. After eating the quiche I did a second painting so feverishly I forgot to take any photos of its progress (it has two "4"s in it.) Iíll even throw in this second painting for the £4,000. Iíve coated both in waterproof gloss so you could hang them on post holding up the dovecote in your garden.


I did the paintings in the conservatory so I could enjoy the garden but I can't remember looking at it for more than a two minutes. I've attached a photo of the from 1989 and as it is now. My dad does it all and I only walk through it.











The garden from circa 1989...and in 2019...