Coffee and Chocolate Swiss Roll


I spend most of my life in my bedroom. I was sitting in my chair having a rest with a coffee and a brown striped jumper in front of me put me in mind of a chocolate Swiss Roll. I thought the next time I have an hour and Iím going to paint coffee and cake on a bit of board. Here it is.


I quickly painted in the general shapes of a coffee cup and thought Iíll finish it when I have an hour to spare (though Iíve always thought thereís no such thing as spare time or money.) The following evening I was sat at my desk and an hour-long programme started on the television, Mariella Frostrup with a documentary about the menopause. I thought to myself, ďIím going finish this painting and sign it as the credits roll up in an hourís time.Ē I got started and it was soon done. I put a straw in the cup as I use one to blow bubbles into the coffee to add extra froth.


I used three or four colours from tubes from Poundland. It actually took 62 minutes to finish and I signed it as the news at 10pm was starting. The next morning I varnished it and its now rotting in the spare bedroom with many others. It can be on your wall for £7846.



Sitting in my bedroom I looked at the brown jumper on the chair thought of coffee and chocolate Swiss Roll...


Tom Jones canít even bear to look at itÖ





An hour has passed and the News At Ten is startingÖ.signing off the painting, done in 62 minutesÖ