A Couple Of Cupcakes


When I'm out running I see stuff and sometimes drive back and get it later - stuff like water containers, street signs, scissors. Recently I saw a nice bit of wood sticking out of a skip and thought it too good to throw. Later on a drive to the shops I was glad to see it was still there. I liberated it and thought I'd paint on it. Here is the result.


I must have been feeling hungry as I sketched out two cupcakes. I drew one and was going to show its shadow reflected on the wall behind but was listening to an audio book and got carried away with the story. Before I knew it I'd painted another cake. Oh well. The following day I smeared on thick layers of acyclic paint and let it dry. I then changed to oil paints and loaded some onto a tiny trowel and buttered on the cream and apricot. I started to feel hungry and had a coffee and a few Maltesers. Things glided along smoothly and it was soon finished though I dropped the whole thing. Some paint came off - especially a bit on the table. I dabbed on a bit of paint so it looked like some cream had fallen off the cake.


You could buy this for your kitchen. I've weather-protected it so it can accept a splatters of latte or scrambled eggs. I'm sure you have an emergency 8,644 hidden in your peg bag or behind a mountain of toilet rolls in the airing cupboard. I can post it off to you next week if I'm still alive. Last week's visit to a dominatrix Brenda Bloodsplash rendered me unconscious. I was trying a new stretching rack in her new dungeon and I blacked out for twenty minutes. I'm booked in tomorrow to get my 20 minutes back.




Cup cakes 2


Cup cakes 3




Couple Of Cupcakes (4r)


Couple Of Cupcakes (5)