Crashing Waves at Scarborough


When visiting Scarborough I stay around the south bay but when there's a strong wind I walk round to the north bay. The wind whips up some scary waves which slam into the coastal wall. Sometimes suicidal surfers risk life and limb. Here is a photograph of a typical tide (I can't remember taking it) which inspired me to paint such a scene using oils and knives. Here it is.


As the photograph is mainly sky and waves the painting came together quickly. I used a knife but had to pick up a brush to do the remnants of the castle and the row of guest houses to the right. Using a knife and paint is like spreading peanut butter on a slice of toast (the canvas has gained much weight.) I layered on the cascading waves glad to use a tube of white that was hardening with age. I was going to add a surfer but it seemed a little cheesy so I had a frothy coffee and a slice of jam on toast instead.


You could have this painting for your lounge. If you liked it you could even hang it on the wall. I'm afraid I'll have to ask 8,000 for it. A friend let me use his wife's van so I could dump some rubbish. As it was a beast of a van I sent a text saying "Love your wife's big beast" but predictive text changed this to "Love your wife's breasts" and he smashed my face in. I had to pay a surgeon 8,000 to repair my shattered jaw. I can post if off tomorrow after the 32-stone district nurse has massaged my thymus.