Amy Winehouse (14th September 1983 to 23rd July 2011)


While stopping a hotel in Hampstead I bought a map and, one evening, decided to walk down into Camden, namely to Camden Square where Amy Winehouse died.


It was getting dark as I found the square, a charming place surrounded by high handsome Victorian houses worth millions. They looked onto a quiet leafy oblong park within steel railings. It was getting dark and I wasnít sure if I could find the house. I saw two lads smoking on a bench and though I would ask them where Amyís house was if I couldnít find it. I soon found it, though. As I walk up the square I came across some trees. Pinned to them were cards, ribbons, flowers, photos and poems. There was only one house with the private gate on worthy of a famous person so that was obviously the right building.


Poor old Amy - only 27. Her dad sold the place soon after.


To look inside the house just go here:-


Sorry the photos are a little grainy but the light was fading. I had to use Photoshop to brighten them up.