Bertrand Russell cremation location (18th May 1872 to 2nd February 1970)


I donít think Iíve enough energy to list Bertrandís achievements. He was a philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic, political activist and Nobel laureate. Mainly he was one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century and was cremated here at the crematorium at Colwyn Bay.


Iím not going to bother detailing his achievements and philosophies - I'm too dumb. I canít fix a lawn mower and don't know where lasagne comes from so its futile for me to make sense of his views and findings. Despite his brain being the size of a Mini Cooper he doesnít to have been bright when it came to relationships. He married four times (one wife was his childrenís governess) and had four children. He died of influenza at his home in Penrhyndeudraeth in Caenarfonshire aged 97.


His body and genius brain were cremated here without any religious ceremony. The six guests observed one minute of silence. Later his ashes were scattered over his beloved Welsh mountains. He left an estate worth £69,423 (about £1.2 million today.)


I had a stroll around the cemetery behind the crematorium. Rabbits seems to be common and they've burrowed holes in line with coffin positions. I'd been here before after a long weekend in Llandudno to say hello to a young solder. Here lies Fred Williams who was in the Welsh Guards throughout World War One. He died in a military hospital after sustaining wounds aged 18 - just a lad. He lies with his mum and dad. I did the heartiest salute I could must and left.