Cesar Barron (9th January 1968 to 11th May 2019)


On a recent coach trip to London the driver took us for a two hour stop at the famous Camden market. Not being materialist I didnít bother looking around and had a walk up the hill to Hampstead to the Roundhouse theatre where a wrestler died suddenly. Since Giant Haystacks died in 1998 Iíve lost interest in wrestling but I can remember reading about the shock death of "Silver King" who collapsed in the ring and died aged 51 before the packed audience one Saturday night. I went to do salute outside the theatre.


Cesar Barron was a Mexican wrestling star who starred in the 2006 cult comedy Hollywood film Nacho Libre with Jack Black He was massive in America (along with his brother.) In May 2019 he was wrestling "Youth Warrior" when something went wrong in the middle of the fight (sadly it's on Youtube). He struggled to get up before his opponent kicked him in the side and he lay face down (he didn't move from this point onward.) The referee thought this was an act and started counting him out. "Youth Warrior" was declared the winner and celebrated but within minutes the referee looked uncomfortable at the motionless loser. CPR was attempted but it looked like life had flickered out already. Other wrestlers jumped into the ring to help and a defibrillator was employed. An ambulance was called at 10:21pm and the theatre was evacuated while attempts continued to revive Cesar. The medics found no signs life to work with and he pronounced him dead at the scene.


On autopsy revealed nil drugs and heart failure from "fulminant infarction" which is one of the leading causes of sudden death.