Friedrich Engels (28th November 1820 to 5th August 1895)


Friedrich was a German philosopher, communist, social scientist, journalist and businessman. More than all of those he was known for developing the Marxist theory (so wealthy wouldn’t exploit the poor and there’d be no classes). Along with Karl Marx he wrote the famous book The Condition of the Working Class in England (and Marx wrote Das Kapital.)


Here I am at Beachy Head near Eastbourne where his ashes were sprinkled into the sea from the top of the cliffs. He died in London in 1895 aged 74 from throat cancer. He was cremated at Woking Crematorium and his daughter cast his ashes into the air off these tall cliffs in line with his wishes. He'd been a regular visitor to the famous cliffs (and suicide spot) and wrote in his will that he'd like to end up here permanently.


I was staying in Eastbourne while on the south coast and you could see it from Beachy Head. Eastbourne has a stigma of being considered a place for Funeral Dodgers (old people) but when I went for walks at seemed to be mainly populated by foreign students attending language schools.