Escape From Death



Almost daily I wonder what happens when we die and if we go on somewhere after this life. Part of me thinks surely it cannot all for nothing and a larger part says its grossly big-headed to think we're so special that deserve another life. I wish I knew the answer (though its probably better not to know.) Billions of sperm and eggs died for nothing for me to be here so I'm just glad to have made it against very tiny odds.

The lines represent time from evolution to death. I dabbed on a dinosaur to represent the time about 220 million years ago then an ape to represent us primates. The thick line veering off to the right is the route to take to avoid death - but how you get onto this route? I am not a fan of abstract paintings and whenever I see one I usually think its just a way of avoiding proper painting (landscapes, people, windmills, etc) but I do one occasionally. Though I have stacked it in the attic I still wonder how I can escape from death.