Even Jesus Hates Sprouts



A friend asked if I would help him move house. He hired a van and we got on with it (you realised how many possessions you have when you have to move them.) After one trip we pulled onto the drive in front of his old house. The vanís high build afforded me a direct view into his neighbourís lounge window. I saw a woman there on her knees. Her hands were clasped in front of her chest, her eyes were closed and her lips were moving (in prayer I presume.)

This sort of stuck in my mind so when I started this acrylic painting I decided to put some praying nuns in one of the windows. I had to have them praying to something (rather than a crucifix) so I just made up a sign based on what Jesus might not love. Iím a vegetarian and even I hate sprouts. I still eat them holding both nostrils closed.