Sunset Over Venice


I was watching a documentary about Casanova and for a moment there was some footage of a wondrous sunset over Venice. I thought I might try to paint it and here is the average result.


I searched for photos of Venice's silhouette, printed one off and used it as a basis for this painting. I started filling in the general shapes of the buildings wondering what level of detail I should show. How do you paint distance buildings darkened by the fading light? No I clearly don't know either but I had a try. In the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Jack Nicholson said in his usual drawl, " least I tried." I know how he feels.


I daubed in the bright sun and then added a reflection on the water. I tickled in a little detail on some of the buildings as the sun hit them but not much. Without thinking I kept going and I reached a point where I could have over-painted. I tickled in a few more details when watching television in the dark (had to use a torch - please see photo.) Not many tubes of paint were opened for this: ochre, pink, Naples yellow and burnt umber. I resisted adding a couple of gondolas as that would have been plain naff.


If know someone who loves Venice you may want to buy this for them for 128,226. Every time they looked at it on their wall they'd be propelled to get escape from its clutches and book flights to Venice itself. I'm in a good mood as I beat my record of not cleaning the bed sheets for one decade and four days so I can let this painting go for just 44,000 (I'll throw in the bedsheets which are more arty.)