Fab Lolly


The FAB lolly was born in 1967. It was brought out due to the popularity of the television series Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds. At first there was rocket-shaped version but this left a vast market for something for girls and the "Fab" - a more feminine looking lolly - was brought out. The original packaging had an image of Lady Penelope and her butler/driver Parker on the wrapper. However these days the lolly is a classic, stands alone and is no longer connected to Thunderbirds.


I've painted one and here it is. I'd bought some oblong canvases which limit the topics you can paint but one day I was watching television and saw a family walk passed with the kids sucking lollies. "Lollies are long" I thought to myself and made a mental note. A few nights later I started painting a Fab lolly in acrylic paints. I smeared paint over the lolly and spread it like jam. What about all those sprinklings though...wouldn't it be boring painting them? I ended up buying some real ones, coated the top bit of the lolly with brown paint and shook the sprinklings on. Bingo - it worked.

This painting is yours for 4,444 and I can post it off to you tomorrow after the 30-stone nurse has drained some brown toxic fluid from my war wound (took a bullet in the thigh in Desert Storm.) It's not toxic fluid really - just gravy mix I inject into myself. I just love that big beefy nurse treating me rough and leaving me black and blue.