Farm House On Hill, Todmorden


I thought I’d do a quick painting on a small one foot board using a knife than brushes. I read that you shouldn’t use knives on small boards as it’s difficult to do small detail but I like a challenge. Also I wanted to start and finish something in one sitting. I just smeared the paint on like butter and the board was soon getting heavier.


It shows a farm house I saw on a winter walk above Todmorden town. I took a photograph as I liked how the line of the hill cut across the scene. This made the painting about 50% grass. It’s not brill but I enjoyed doing it. Though it’s a winter scene in Yorkshire (no leaves on the trees) I did it while listening to an audio book set in summer in Italy (“Summer’s Lease” by John Mortimer.) It was soon finished and will now spend the rest of its life in the attic.



Mmmm….thinking I might paint that…


Time to start….


Looking through the telescope…blimey!...