Good Day To You


Before breakfast I walk round a housing estate and fill up two water bowls (used by dogs, foxes, birds, voles.) On this circular walk I nod and say hello to the same people. There's an elderly man whose speech and diction seem rather posh for this area. He dresses in tweed, has a thin pencil moustache and a straight back. He nearly always says "Good day to you." Sometimes I see him on evening walks and he says, "Good evening to you." I'm sure he doesn't need to add on "to you". One day I'm going to follow him home as he doesn't seem to the kind of man who would live on a modern housing estate where the houses don't have chimneys.


His predictable "Good day to you" has inspired this bit of modern art. I did it with speed, acrylic paints and a knife. Its bright tones could represent a good day. Tosh like this sells at auction houses for hundreds of thousands of pounds but it can be yours for only 46,222. Sending it by Recorded Delivery would be an extra 4.60 but I'm not greedy and won't charge for that.


Good Day To You 1