Asa Benveniste (25th August 1925 to 13th April 1990)


Asa was an American-born poet, typographer and publisher who lived about a mile down the road from this grave in Hebden Bridge. He was born in New York and lived in Paris after World War Two. He co-founded the Zero Press and published poets. Besides writing poet he was a printer, book designer and typographer. When he was 40 he co-founded and managed the pioneering Trigram Press which published many well-known poets.


In his sixties he and his partner Agnetha Falk, moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and ran a second-hand bookshop. Oddly heís buried within speaking distance of another east-coast American poet Sylvia Plath. She getís hoards of visitors but Iíve never once seen anyone visit Asaís grave.