Frank Randle (30th January to 7th July 1957)



Here I am by the grave of the Lancastrian comedian Frank Randle. Iíd heard other comics state him as an influence but he had died before I was born.


Randleís mischievous side lead to him not being remembered with the same warm as performers like Gracie Fields or Les Dawson.


After the war he joined the Home Guard and became an effective actor. As a variety star he had a battle with the police chief of Blackpool who tried many times to ban him from performing. It didnít work though and he was a big success in his day and appeared in ten films.


For ten years after the war he made a decent living but by the 1950's variety was fading. With massive money worries he started to drink and this spelt the end. By 54 he was officially declared bankrupt and he died aged 56.


He was married with no children though it was rumoured he had a son (the painter Arthur Delaney) by an actress.


Not forgotten, a celebratory plaque paid for by members of the Cuthbert Club was unveiled in memory of Randle in 2007 on Blackpool's North Pier. In 2010 the same organisation paid for his gravestone to be cleaned up.


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