Jimmy Clitheroe (24th December 1921 to 6th June 1973)



I knew Jimmy Clitheroe had been cremated but there was a tree in memory of him. In July 2014 I went to find it but to no avail.


This 4 foot 3 inches tall entertainer made a living in theatre, radio and films. He was the star of The Clitheroe Kid which is still played on Radio 4 Extra nowadays.


Even as a man he could pass for a schoolboy. Perhaps this advantage was why he never married and lived with his mum in Blackpool.When his mother died in 1973 he was inconsolable. His doctor had prescribed a sleeping medication. Jimmy accidentally took an overdose and keeled over (during his mother's funeral) aged 51 and died.


I could not find the tree and realised it much have been chopped down. I found its exact location though and here I am standing where the tree once stood.

Here is the link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Clitheroe