Joel Halliwell (29th December 1881 to 14th June 1958)


Joel served in World War 1 for the Lancashire Fusiliers. He was captured by the Germans and became a prisoner - but not for long. On Monday 27th May 1918 he escaped and on returning to British territory witnessed bloody carnage in no-man’s land: dead and dying comrades on the dirt. Under heavy shell and gunfire he mounted a stray German horse and returned the wounded to safety. He repeated this nine times with little regard for himself until the horse was killed. Later this modest man said he only did what any soldier would do.


He returned to his home town Middleton a celebrated hero. Crowds turned out to the civic parade. He went on to get married, have three children and run a local pub called The New Inn. When World War Two started he enlisted to fight but at 58 he was too old and was refused.  He died in 1958 aged 76 and received full military honours at his funeral. His family in Middleton still have his Victoria Cross medal.










Tucked away in a corner is the cemetery is the grave of another soldier….just 18, a mere kid…