Jon Egging (Unknown to 20th August 2011)


I was on holiday in Bournemouth in 2014 when I passed this plaque in honour of one of the Red Devil pilots who crashed and died in 2011.


Jon Egging, 33, crashed a Hawk aircraft into a field near Throop Mill about a mile from Bournemouth Airport following a display at the Bournemouth Air Festival.


The investigation said the crash was due to Jon experiencing the G-force for a long period of time at high speed. The inquest showed that three seconds before impact Jon appeared to try to re-take control of aircraft as he emerged from the blackout.

The smoke trails left by the team are made by releasing diesel into the exhaust; this oxidises straight away, leaving a white smoke trail. Dyes can be added to produce the red and blue colour. Each plane can trail 5 minutes of white smoke, 1-minute of blue and 1-minute of red.


Thereís some grainy footage of the aircraft leaving the formation on youtube but its not worth watching.