Margaret Wooler grave (10th June 1792 to 3rd June 1885)


Margaret was headmistress and part-owner of Roe Head School in Mirfield where a nervous tearful 14-year-old Charlotte Bronte began studying in 1831. Charlotte was her star pupil and four years she was invited back as a teacher. Outside school life a friendship was formed that lasted until death.


When Margaret heard Charlotte was taking her ailing (dying) sister Anne to Scarborough in the hope the sea air would combat her tuberculosis she offered her free use of her home (instead she stayed/died in a board house.) When she heard of Anne’s death she was one of the few mourners at the funeral in Scarborough. When Charlotte married Margaret gave the famous novelist away.


After Charlotte’s death she was much in demand to talk about the famous novelist. She lived near to and kept in touch with two of Charlotte’s best friends - Ellen Nussey and Mary Taylor. She died a week short of her 93rd birthday. The only surviving photograph shows her in old age.