Norman Evans (11th June 1901 to 25th November 1962)



Here I am by the grave of the comedian Norman Evans. He often dressed up as a frumpy woman and did chatty monologues over the garden wall to a pretend neighbour. There are dozens of his sketches on Youtube. He was before my time and died five years before I was born.


Or here for his over-the-garden-wall stuff :


This lad from Rochdale appeared in four films. His final season of work was at Butlin’s in Pwllheli but he was feeling ill then and died the same year.


Being famous for his "over the garden wall" humour the headstone of his grave is a low wall built from natural gritstone blocks. His epitaph reads "Norman's last garden wall" (see second photo.) He ended up here with his wife.









He lived here at 3, Pullman Street, Rochdale, OL11 1PE…




Sat in the car having a coffee with Norman…