Rachel Moran (1982 - 1st January 2003)


If you don’t believe in malevolent spirits, fiends and poltergeists but find they exist in evil people you’ve probably read many real crime books. Many of them refer to the “Body In The Cupboard” murder which relates to Rachel Moran, a 21-year old woman, who was murdered and hidden in a cupboard.


Rachel went missing on New Year's Day 2003 as she walked the half-mile from her parents' home to her flat in Saxcourt, Hull. It was a 20-minute walk but she never arrived. Michael Little, 23, high on drugs approached Rachel from behind and frenziedly stabbed her in the back, chest and neck more than 20 times. At his flat he wrapped the body in a curtain and squashed it into a tiny cupboard outside the flat. The cupboard was approximately three feet cubed. Police did not find the corpse for 28 days. An autopsy told Little had had sex with Rachel but it could not be established if she was dead or alive.


At the scene Little told police, "I can't be normal - I must be evil. A normal person would not do that." However later at court he tried to dodge blame saying his friend Marc Fuller killed Rachel. He told the court he attended a New Year's Eve party, drank heavily and took ecstasy and LSD before returning home to find his friend in his lounge with Rachel. He said he went to bed with Rachel but his friend saw this shouted, “She’s mine!” then killed Rachel. The jury did not believe Little and he was sentenced to life.


Rachel’s sister Vanda wrote a book about her sister’s murder, “Rachel, A Stolen Life.” However aged 41 she joined her sister in the cemetery having died from complications following exposure to chickenpox. Theirs parents blamed the death on the grief and loss of losing their first daughter, saying Vanda’s general heath went downhill from the day her sister went missing.




Rachel’s sister Vanda wrote a book about the murder. Sadly they now lie together…




Sisters reunited…