William Cafe (26th March 1826 to 6th August 1906)


William lies here off the main path in Brompton Cemetery in London. He was born so long ago that little is known about his life but he was born here in London. He took part in the Gwalior Campaign of 1843 and the 2nd Sikh War. When the 56th Bengal Natives mutinied, he was appointed Captain in command of the 4th Punjab Infantry.


During the assault on Fort Ruhya on Thursday 15th April 1858 the 32-year-old William was in a trench and under heavy gun fire. There were many casualties and William - along with other volunteers Edward Spence and Alexander Thompson - carried away the body of a lieutenant. He then rescued of one of the privates who had been severely wounded expecting to be kill at any moment.


He was recommended for the VC and received the medal (probably through the post.) He was appointed to the Adjutant Generalís Department and spent the rest of this career on the Staff, retiring in 1894. He returned to London, where he died at home in South Kensington aged 80. Heís buried here with his wife and his medals are held by the National Army Museum in Chelsea. I did a salute and left.