Heavenly Skies


I dont like wasting time and while Im watching television I always think my idle hands can be doing something. When I settled down to watch the snooker on Sunday afternoon I thought Id do a quick painting simultaneously. I grabbed the acrylic paint set and blank canvases Id got for Christmas and started painting. At first I wasnt sure what to paint and sat Alfie on my lap and did a little thinking. Jud Trump and Ronnie O Sullivan were playing and as the balls got spread across the table the multiple colours reminded of a walk Id done over the tops at Todmorden. As the sun set the sky was multi-coloured there too. I thought Im going to paint a version of that sky. I remember Id parked in the centre of the town and walked up onto a valley side to watch the sun crash behind a distance hill. The shifting palette of pinks, yellows and oranges that spread across the sky were wondrous (see photos of the walk here.)


I selected some pinks and reds and yellows from the box and started, all the time thinking of that sky. Acrylic paints are like a sprint (whereas oil paints are like a marathon) and dry so quickly you can complete a painting quickly. The snooker final was split over two sessions so I thought Ill do a painting per session. It was soon over though. If Ronnie wakes up in an odd mood he plays poorly and it was clear the final wasnt going to last long (mind you, Jud Trump was so brill he could have potted bowling balls.) I managed to finish this painting in the first session (including walking Alfie a couple of times) and tickled it up in the evening. I pegged it on the wall but it can be on your wall for 8844.


Im not a fan of abstract paintings but the act of smearing paint repetitively on a bit of board or canvas satisfies me. When I look at this painting it will remind me of that sky over Todmorden and the frightening Dennis Wheatley audio book I was listening to as I strolled along (The Haunting Of Toby Jugg blooming scary if youre out on the hills in the dark on your own.)








Coming together quickly







The walk over the tops at Todmorden that inspired this painting