I Did Not Pray Because I Was Not Wearing a Bra


I keep in touch with a few global penfriends and we use Messenger to converse. They are in such faraway countries they have not seen snow, green countryside or hedgehogs. Due to time zones we don't do live chat - when it's daytime here it's the middle of the night there.


I've done this painting based on a reply from a pen friend who lives in South America. She's a Christian, attends church weekly and says prayers by her bed. The other day I asked what she'd prayed for last night. She replied, "I did not pray because I was not wearing a bra." She considered this was disrespectful to God. I wrote this in my diary and here is a pit-stop painting which this inspired.


This was done between other paintings - in acrylics in about thirty minutes. Can you tell it's a bra? I hope so. It will be dispatched to the attic for the spiders to run over.