I Need You Tonight



I’m not sure where this painting came from. I painted the couple kissing then left a space at the top left for a person. It usually takes three people to make tension/conflict/a story. A few days passed while I waited for something to float to the surface of my mind. One dark Sunday evening I went for a long run, a route I used to do a few years ago, down passed a deserted business park and along the canal. There was just enough light down there to see the narrow path.


I liked the feeling that there’s no-one around, everyone was at home watching the typical dramas they put on tele on Sunday evenings. To make the run on the long stretch of canal bearable I flicked through the tracks on my mp3 player and ZZ Top’s I Need You Tonight came on. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpKUB7MO4UU)


Its one of those songs you only listen to a night (the first line is “Its three, clock in the morning”) with a syrupy guitar solo in the middle (which I can happily wallow in.) It just suited the dark deserted place I was running through. I thought “that’s a good title for the painting” and the following night I painted in a dejected woman looking at the kissing couple. She’s looking at one of them thinking I Need You Tonight. The half-deflated balloon on the floor sums up her feelings. I like experimenting with colours so rather than use the usual flesh tones I added smu