Iím Kissing You Goodbye



I often go running on the canal then back up a creepy cobbled road called Johnsonbrook Road. There are few houses on it, some scrubland and some tatty warehouses. The pavements are overgrown with weeds and its creepy even in the daytime. I run under a tunnel lit by a feeble milky bulb and sometimes get cold drips plopping down my neck. Itís the kind of place someone would get disemboweled with a Stanley knife or knocked dead with a lump hammer.


When Iím running up this road women on there own usually turn around (I suppose a panting breathless sweating man approaching you from behind would jangle the nerves a bit.) The reason theyíre often alone is that itís a convenient cut-through road and near Newton train station.


Thereís a set of steps leading from the tunnel up to the train station and it was here, in this grim setting, I passed a man and woman kissing. I presume it was a goodbye kiss before one went up the steps to wait for the a train. Their expensive sartorial smartness featured dead animals - she in fur coat (hopefully fake fur) and he was clutching a briefcase made of what looked like pigskin. When I see men carry briefcases I always look to see if theyíre wearing handcuffs (one around their wrist, one around the briefcase handle.) As a boy I once saw a man who had handcuffed his case to himself and assumed he was a spy / assassin / gold bullion dealer. I prefer handcuffs to have a bit of fluff on the inner rim and be wide enough to fasten around a four-poster bed post.


I only remember the couple as their fine clothes were highlighted against the grim grubby shabby dripping wall by the tunnel. Anyway, this picture turned into this painting. I wasn't sure what to call it but I'm Kissing you Goodbye by The Pierces kept playing on the wireless so that did it.


Iím working on a few bigger paintings and just wanted to do a small canvas I could start and finish quickly. I didnít put the woman in a fur coat. I painted in a couple of street lights rather than that creepy tunnel on Johnsonbrook Road.