New Sunlight On Old Windows


For about thirty years I've called in churches and even bought some books on them. Sometimes I can often identify the periods they belong to - Norman, Transitional, Decorated, Perpendicular and Victorian. It seems that that Victorian era saw the end of beautiful churches and none have been built since. The new ones seem blandly forgettable and if I went inside one I'd probably feel cheated by the lack of architectural delights.


Nowadays they're usually locked. In films people are always calling into churches but in real life I found the doors don't resist to a hearty shove. The ones in remote countryside seem to be open though. I remember one church with a sign on the door saying, "Close door to prevent sheep coming in" and I've seen a few others where birds entering are obviously a nuisance. One quaint coastal church in Wales had straw on the floor.


Sometimes I've been in the church when sunbeams are hitting the windows and the floor and inner walls are alight with a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, blues and greens. A century ago someone must have sat where I sat and observed the same affect.


Anyway, here's a pit-stop painting - meaning it was done quickly in about thirty minutes. It makes me think of new sunlight through old windows.